The History of Mount Carmel Community Baptist Church


Mount Carmel Community Baptist Church was started in the early 1920’s, in the home of Brother Paul and Sister Lillie Ringer. The Ringers were residing in a small home in the 400 block of Stambaugh Avenue. There were approximately 6 to 7 members at that time.  This dedicated group of people decided to name the church The Community Mission. The late Reverend I. P. Fears was the leader in the ministry. Reverend Fears selected religious men and women as leaders and the Mission began to grow. Many of the men worked at the Buckeye Steel Casting Company in the southern gateway community. Officials from Buckeye Steel joined together and donated the current plot of land to build a church. As the Mission out grew the Ringer home, the Buckeye Steel officials became involved again by donating a house near the plot of land and assisted with getting the building started.


The Buckeye Steel officials insisted that this was a donation only to be used for worship.  In 1925, the church was later named Stambaugh Avenue Mount Carmel Baptist Church and Community Center.  Reverend Fears briefly moved out of state and Reverend L.H. Hogan was appointed to lead this flock. Upon Reverend Fears' return in 1934, he was re-appointed as pastor. Reverend Otis Dixon was also asked to assist during times of vacancy and remained dedicated through the struggle of the efforts to build.  In 1928, the cornerstone of the church was erected, under the leadership of Reverend Fears. Completion came under the leadership of Reverend Hogan, who was then Chairman of the Board of Erection; Brother Weldon Moore, Chairman of the Trustee Board; Brother Paul Ringer, Chairman of the Deacon Board; Trustees Frank Tate and Price Conley; and Deacons Father Newson, William Jackson and Landon Reed. Brother Paul Ringer and Sister Lillie Ringer were the first deacon and deaconess. Sister Ringer was also the first mother and secretary of the church.


In 1940, Reverend H.W. Patterson was called to pastor Mount Carmel. He and his wife, Sister Carrie Patterson, inspired many and were faithful in their leadership. Reverend Patterson retired from the pastorate in 1978 and he was named pastor emeritus. At that time Reverend Sutton Richards was called to pastor Mount Carmel.  In 1982, he and some members left Mount Carmel and moved to a building on Welch Street, forming First Mount Carmel Baptist Church. The band of Christians that remained at the Stambaugh location then called Reverend Larry Mays to pastor in 1984. Reverend Mays served for ten years. In the fall of 1994, Reverend Gregory Draper was called to shepherd the congregation. Reverend Draper served until 1999.  Reverend Albert Williams was appointed as Interim Pastor in 1999 and served in this capacity until Pastor Leon Rodgers was called in February of 2002.


Under the leadership of Pastor Rodgers, new ministries were added including the Agape (youth) Ministry, Mime and Dance Ministry, Men of Valor, Young Warriors, Walk by Faith Club, Wellness Ministry and the Women’s Ministry. 


The Lord has abundantly blessed Mount Carmel over the years. By His grace and mercy, Mount Carmel will remain a place of refuge, service and worship.